Why Is Facebook Going To Be The Best Digital Marketing Platform This Year?

Marketing is rightly identified as the ticket to the success of any trade. If you plan to establish a startup, there should be the marketing techniques in place. This rule applies to established businesses too. It is crucial that you should set up a marketing budget. Also, you should have different types of marketing plans. You should try one after the other to identify the one with better returns. A digital marketing agency in Singapore predicts that Facebook is going to be the biggest digital marketing platform in 2017. The company also states different reasons for the same. Let us explore the reasons why businesses in Singapore and other parts of the world should use this platform for digital marketing:

Custom-targeted audience:

You can build your Facebook marketing strategy around particular group of audience. To achieve the same, the Custom Audience feature from Facebook can come handy for you. This effective tool will help you upload your list of contacts like phone numbers, emails, and addresses, such that they can be contacted for specific ads suitable for them. This is a feature that will be suitable for every kind of business, regardless of whether small, medium or large.

An example:

The recent election result in the United States is an excellent example for the effectiveness of Facebook marketing. Yes, Donald Trump, who won the elections spent 150 million US dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads. He did the same in the last weeks of his election campaign. The marketing team that worked for him took the custom database with identity summaries of around 200 million Americans. As their last strategy, Donald Trump’s team conducted a campaign that targeted discouraging people from voting Hilary Clinton through Facebook Ads. As you know, the result was in Trump’s favor, which many people from around the world have not expected.

Utmost visibility at lesser spending:

In case, you plan to launch an online business, you should choose a place, where people are actually available. At present, Facebook is standing at the third position for the most crowded online platform. As compared to advertising on Google, Facebook advertising is cheaper. In addition, video views on Facebook are also affordable compared to YouTube.

Reports state that mobile users spend nearly 90% of their time on applications. Here too, Facebook is the leader. The reason is that it got the ranking of the most downloaded platform in the first six months of 2016. Even though, you need not spend the whole of your marketing budget on Facebook, you should never miss out Facebook marketing this year.

Brand awareness in the early stage:

If you handle Facebook rightly, it will work similar to that of a Press Release. Facebook offers a feature called Brand Awareness Objective. This feature makes use of a mixture of real-time proxy materials along with both attention and reach that is provided by users to campaigns. This, in turn, provides the utmost exposure to the brands. You can get greater audience from your later campaigns when you start using this feature early. The purpose is to grab the attention throughout the board. In other words, the aim is to get to the eyesight of the people, who will probably be appealed to your brand.

Facebook live:

When it comes to customer sharing and engagement, video stands out as the undisputed winner. Facebook Live, has made a revolution in the web world. It permits any of the users to record live motion pictures and they can also share the same with their friends. Not just individuals, but businesses can also use this feature to their benefit by:

  • Providing behind-the-screen business happenings to customers through videos.
  • Answering their queries
  • Promoting events
  • Showing sneak previews for new updates or products to create an interest in their minds.

Reports state that as compared to viewing native content, people spend three times longer hours in watching videos. So, digital marketing using Facebook Live feature will surely bring good returns this year.


Right from the day when the CEO of Facebook announced about the billion mark of monthly active users, many businesses have started using Facebook Messenger service to keep in touch with their customers. Also, Shopify was introduced as a revolution by Facebook. This feature enables businesses to sell directly through Facebook Messenger. This has attracted many businesses to use this platform to sell stuff. It also resulted in engagement of user and an increase in the hours spent per day on this platform. When there is an increase in the number of brands interacting with their consumers on Facebook, the usage of Chatbot turns out to be unavoidable. Chatbots will help with creating organized messages inclusive of call to action, links and image buttons. Brands can also design bots in such a way that they can converse with customers with ease and shopping can also be done instantly.

Quick feedback:

Earlier, when businesses wanted to get feedback from consumers, they had no other option other than sending direct mails to the customers requesting feedback. They also relied on cold call assessments earlier. Thanks to the social media, these tough methods are no more necessary for businesses these days. Facebook permit brands to just post a query on their status and they can just wait for the comments to pour in from consumers. Without any doubt, time is a powerful tool for businesses. Facebook is an excellent tool to save time for businesses. The reason is that they can rely on this platform to get feedbacks from customers. They can also identify what attracts the end users and what does not, such that appropriate changes can be employed almost instantly.

Consumer psychology:

With Facebook consumers these days are equipped with the best tool to show others about what they feel about a brand. They can endorse their favorite business by clicking on the ‘like’ button. This, in turn, will help businesses to attract more and more people.

For all these reasons and also for the excellent growth potential many companies with expertise in online marketing in Singapore endorse the use of this platform for digital marketing.